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Privacy Notice

developernewlaunch.com.sg collect customer information, understand our products, services and products to communicate with customers.

We collect information, including your name, e-mail address and postal address when you register. We also follow field use and traffic patterns to improve our website design and the products and services we offer.

We recognize that we need to maintain and use customer information.

developernewlaunch.com.sg uses the latest security server software (SSL) to ensure that all personal information, including credit card information, is private and secure. developernewlaunch.com.sg can not offer marketing or e-mail marketing for any reason. We can pass your personal data to the family developernewlaunch.com.sg and are required by law.

By registering your data with you, you agree to developernewlaunch.com.sg via the website and our store, you register e-mail address to send an e-mail.

If you have registered for our communication, you can unsubscribe from all marketing communications. 2 Click the logout link at the end of each message.